Not all clean air is the same

UltraPure Air combines experience in healthcare engineering, commercial HVAC and professional cleanrooms, with the power and versatility of Genano Professional Air Decontamination technology.

premium quality | filterless nanoscale cleaning | easy maintenance

Genano is a unique electric technology that has been used extensively in hundreds of hospitals and laboratories in over 30 countries for the last 20 years. As a higher performing alternative to conventional air purifiers equipped with fibre filters, Genano is chosen for the most demanding air hygiene management applications.

With consistently high efficiency across the size spectrum, Genano machines remove particles of all sizes down to 3nm, and completely destroy associated microbes in the same process. Active carbon absorbs gases, odours and VOCs from the clean air before it leaves the machine.

Free from the limitations of fibre filters, Genano technology decontaminates air at a level other technologies can not match.

In the one process, Genano also removes all microbes associated with these smaller particles. That’s why Genano is consistently chosen to help improve air hygiene for critical and intensive applications where the air is already treated by the best medical grade mechanical filtration systems available.

Completely safe to use around people to continuously manage room air hygiene, Genano machines don’t use chemicals or UV light to kill microbes, nor do they emit ions or ozone or any other hazardous by-product, just ultra-pure particle and microbe free air.

Proven real world performance in hospitals and laboratories.

Genano air decontamination has been shown to be an effective air cleaning solution for the most demanding settings. That is, it is guaranteed to perform in the real world in a way that makes a measurable impact on air quality. These credentials are well documented and supported by an extensive list of hospital and laboratory references. At UltraPure Air we are so certain of this that we will support you to do the empirical analysis when you deploy Genano technology.

At different times Genano machines have been relied upon solely to build cleanrooms, remove DNA fragments from the air, power their own negative pressure isolation rooms, and manage air evacuation across multiple treatment points at once. By virtue of its versatility, performance, and track record, Genano is a leader in its segment.

An investment in Genano air decontamination is an investment in both an elite high performing product – valuable and impactful in any clinical or laboratory context, and a foundational capability platform – one that can be drawn on and built on for many years to come. If you must have the very highest levels of air decontamination, Genano is an option worth your thorough investigation.

Some important considerations

While every facility can benefit from Genano technology, every facility has different needs, challenges and circumstances. However, if you do need to add auxiliary air purification to your existing filtration, ventilation and isolation systems, only Genano air decontamination will deliver a resounding ‘yes’ to all the following qualities –

1. Do you need a tool that is equally easy to operate portably or connect inline as needed?

2. Would you prefer a single technology that deals with both particulate and microbial contamination together?

3. Would you prefer a heavy-duty commercial grade product with 10+ yr service life and continuously reusable filtration components?

4. Would you prefer a simple and safe maintenance process that gets more efficient as fleet size increases?

5. Would you prefer a technology that doesn’t produce any hazardous waste, no matter where it is used, and naturally supports antimicrobial stewardship and environmental impact objectives?

6. Are you taking a longer term view and looking for a solution that is ‘future-proof’ and capable of rising to any airborne microbial contamination challenge of the future?

Some applications of Genano air decontamination technology

  • Create new clean air spaces as needed simply and quickly
  • Quickly remediate localised or urgent air quality issues
  • Support continuous room recovery and air quality in high traffic or infection load areas
  • Deliver localised infection isolation and contaminated air cleansing and evacuation
  • Deliver localised positive pressure isolation for the vulnerable
  • Create negative pressure in almost any room to protect staff and other patients from infection

Genano Air Decontamination technology provides ultra clean air for high-need environments and is scientifically proven to comprehensively remove nanoscale particulate contamination and airborne microbes.

Pure air. Nothing else.

“the air quality obtained using the Genano 5250 is maintained with room traffic, with instantaneous recovery after activity in the spaces

RMIT University – Functional Materials and Microsystems Group Genano 5250 – Performance Characterisation Report, March 2019

“the Genano 5250 is an easy to install solution for instant enhancement of room air quality

Exceptionally deep cleaning. No filters.

Particles 99.5% > 0.003Um

Microbes 99.999%

Constant performance

Better for the environment.

With the growing use of air purifiers comes the environmental burden associated with the disposal of components, particularly used filters.

Genano technology is a patented electrical filtration technology and does not use physical membrane filters which need to be replaced and disposed of.

Genano ‘filter-free’ technology means easy ownership, by completely removing the issues of:

  • microbial growth or retention on filters
  • filter leakage or breakthrough
  • monitoring and pressure drop due to filter saturation
  • safety risk in changing and disposal of contaminated filters
  • environmental impact of discarding used filters
  • waste management overhead of cleaning and changing filters

Easy. Flexible. Multiple applications.

Genano technology is suitable for a variety of applications in critical environments where raising air hygiene is required, or the most stringent level of air purity is needed.

In healthcare, the emphasis is on areas such as isolation wards, protective environment rooms, ICU, operating theatres, laboratories, and clinics. Generally, these environments will already have some significant level of mechanical filtration to the air supply.

Genano Air Decontamination Units are also a rapid and cost-effective way to set up a cleanroom in healthcare facilities. With the modular and mobile Genano solution, a cleanroom can be set up virtually where ever it is needed, because Genano is a cost-effective solution that can be designed to fit any room-specific needs for ACH, pressurization or other requirements.

Reducing infectious disease transmission

Genano machines not only capture viruses and bacteria like typical air filters, they also kill microbes, eliminating the risk of transmission from the device itself. Genano Air Decontamination machines equipped with a standard accessory negative pressure kit, are a very fast and cost-effective way to set up additional isolation rooms with flexibility according to need. This has been taken full advantage of by hospitals during infectious disease outbreaks such as MERS and COVID-19.

Chosen by hospitals and laboratories around the world for nearly twenty years, Genano technology is a proven and reliable technology.

With thousands of machines with more than a decade in 24/7 service, proven reliability, low running costs, and the ability to combine different models to maximise filtration efficacy and cater for almost any installation scenario, Genano air decontamination is a powerful weapon in the hands of Infection Control, Occupational Hygiene, and Facility Engineering professionals.


  • ED & ICU, respiratory clinics, isolation wards, critical areas, nursing homes.
  • Improve air quality in problematic building areas
  • Reduce entry and movement of airborne pathogens
  • Reduce nosocomial infection risk
  • Protect immuno-compromised patients
  • Reduce surface contamination from airborne particles
  • Quickly create extra isolation capacity
  • Reduce contamination impact on sensitive medical equipment
  • Reduce load on mechanical air filtration


  • Production, packing and clean storage.
  • Improve air quality for staff protection
  • Reduce airborne infection risk
  • Reduce product contamination and spoilage
  • Reduce airborne mold and bacteria
  • Reduce contamination from particle resuspension
  • Reduce surfaces contamination
  • Complement existing mechanical filtration to enhance air purity


  • Existing Cleanrooms and Labs operating to ISO 6, mobile cleanrooms, new laboratories.
  • Complement mechanical filtration and enhance air purity by reducing nano-scale particle contamination
  • Reduce product or sample contamination
  • Reduce microbial contamination
  • Support cleanroom performance and recovery
  • Reduce load on mechanical air filtration

Sales and Service 1300 185 872

UltraPure Air is your Genano technology partner for solution design, sales, installation, service and warranty.

Buy, rent, blend

Purchase new Genano technology from the current model line up, or rent from our up-to-the minute rental fleet of the most commonly used machines. Your equipment is supplied ready to operate, you need simply to deploy. Blending a fleet of owned and rented machines is a convenient and cost effective way to scale your air decontamination capability up and down as needs dictate.

Easy customer experience, peace of mind

However you acquire your Genano air decontamination capability, your machines are covered by extensive warranty and come to you ready to operate and fully maintained. This includes providing courtesy replacement machines in the very rare event of downtime. There is nothing you need to do.

We appreciate that once you place an order you will want your machines delivered quickly. In most cases that will be possible with our onshore inventory, backed by a global network of Genano distributors and regional product hubs.  But if we anticipate a delay in delivery, where available, loan machines will be provided at no cost until yours are delivered.

1300 185 872 | 1300 1UltraPure Air

Pure Air. Nothing Else.

Contact us now to discuss your pure air aspirations

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