Cleaner critical spaces

using nanoscale air filtration and decontamination

At UltraPure Air, we are manufacturer-certified experts in the Genano technology suite and how to use it to help our clients address air quality challenges.

Genano is a multi-level air decontamination technology proven for use in clinical, laboratory and cleanroom environments.

Cleaner air means cleaner surfaces too. Whether it’s genetic material, viable microbes, particles or gaseous contamination you need to deal with, Genano delivers results in the real world and has done for twenty years.

See how this Molecular Diagnostics company built an extensive complex of ISO 6 cleanrooms in a regular office building using only Genano. Their customers, largely hospital laboratories, rely on their diagnoses using cutting edge proprietary technology which is intolerant of DNA fragment contamination.

Genano’s patented technology comprehensively removes nanoscale particulates, airborne microbes and VOCs.

In controlled environments the machines are readily capable of improving air quality and managing particulate contamination to ISO 5 levels of air purity.

The Genano model range includes portable, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, in-duct, and HVAC inline model options.

High utility – a device of choice

The Genano model range is designed for three different application modes – close proximity, room level, and facility level.

Portable models are robust, easily manouverable, and have specialised rapid-fit accessories tailored for each application level. This means the machines can be quickly repurposed into different service environments as needed.

All Genano equipment is resilient to frequent cleanroom grade disinfection and the rougher handling common in professional and industrial environments. This is something your staff will immediately recognise and appreciate.

Genano designs its devices around the philosophy that performance in the field depends on more than just the technical performance of the core technology.

It focusses on five key design qualities – reliability, durability, consistency of performance, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. Product features aligned with these important useability elements are what makes Genano shine in the field.

In a short time, Genano will become the air decontamination device your leaders request for their critical operations, and your employees request for their comfort and reassurance.

Unlike any consumer grade air purifier, the devices imbue staff and patients alike with deep confidence in the protection they deliver. They look like they belong in the professional environment where results are of first importance, and they deliver.

To see why for yourself, or for a demonstration, simply get in touch with us.

Use Cases – conventional and novel

Molecular Diagnostics
Genetics and Fertility
Medical Research
Technology Production
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Data Centres
Logistics & Storage
Aged Care Facilities
Primary Care
Veterinary Science

Genano delivers an immediate impact on air quality by increasing particulate filtration, destroying bioaerosols, and removing VOCs and other gaseous contaminants.

It can be used to boost air purity, accelerate room recovery, remediate localised problems, or to smooth air quality to provide assurance of consistency.

In areas that already have HEPA filtration in the HVAC system, in addition to improving the air quality, Genano can cost effectively protect and extend the performance of the HEPA filters.

In healthcare and scientific environments the common uses of Genano are:

  • supporting IPC protocols in healthcare settings
  • setting up negative and positive pressure rooms
  • addressing microbe incursions in labs and cleanrooms leading to compliance issues
  • preventing cross contamination in labs

However, empowered by the utility of the machines, Genano customers have also developed many innovative ways to deploy the devices to maximise impact and return on investment.

To learn more about the various ways Genano technology has been used, including access to case studies and reports, please get in touch with us.

Tested in Australia and around the world

Genano air decontamination technology is currently used in 50 countries.

Repeated international testing has been a necessary part of Genano’s international expansion and export activities. As a result, a large collection of third party tests has accumulated over the last decade. If you would like to view these reports, please get in touch with us.

We welcome evaluation testing at any time because we know that the Genano machines perform consistently ‘on the bench’, and more importantly, in the field. They always deliver an impact.

The very first Genano machine to arrive on Australian soil was tested by RMIT University. The tests were conducted in a variety of rooms while in use, including a cleanroom. The characterisation protocol was designed and supervised by one of Australia’s leading science and research leaders – Professor Sharath Sriram . To learn more or get the RMIT report, please get in touch with us.

“the air quality obtained using the Genano 5250 is maintained with room traffic, with instantaneous recovery after activity in the spaces

RMIT University – Functional Materials and Microsystems Group Genano 5250 – Performance Characterisation Report, March 2019

“the Genano 5250 is an easy to install solution for instant enhancement of room air quality

Proven in long term use

Genano technology has been used in critical environments around the world for twenty years. The machines have a design service life of ten years, operating 24/7. Many thousands of machines have exceeded ten years in service. Performance has been proven over the operating life of the machines.

“We are completely satisfied with the performance of the device. We regularly check the air quality. The results are good and stable, without any changes. The appliances are regularly serviced and still work well after almost 10 years of use”

Head of Department of Hematology – Major European Oncology and Trauma Hospital (11 machines)

“We appreciate the fact that all microbes are safely destroyed and that there are no breaks and dangers associated with filter replacement”

Easy, flexible servicing

Genano’s patented design enables several maintenance model options for customers, ranging from fully maintained through to fully in-house.

There is an option best suited to every customer’s resources and operating model.

“these machines are obviously designed by people who need to service them”.

Head of Engineering and Maintenance, Australian Public Hospital customer (11 machines)

Certified Performance

Particles 99.5% > 0.003Um

Microbes 99.999%

Constant CADR

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