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Enhance infection control. Reduce cross contamination. Reduce microbe contamination. Improve ISO performance.

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UltraPure Air is an Australian company specialising in the targeted application of affordable auxiliary air decontamination in controlled environments in order to address air quality issues and enhance operational performance.

We have established partnerships with a range of industry specialist firms, which means that when needed, we can recruit the right expertise to any project or challenge, at almost any scale. We can provide the main project team, or, complement our client’s resources as needed. Our domain experts include facility managers, healthcare and mechanical engineers, occupational hygienists, infection control experts, clinicians, scientists, commercial HVAC experts, and cleanroom designers.

The world is awash with new and unproven air quality management technologies and products, but the only partner we trust to deliver powerful real world results every time through augmented air decontamination, is Genano technology from Finland.

Designed in collaboration with Finland’s Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 1999, Genano has been in business for twenty years and has delivered thousands of installations in hospitals, labs and cleanrooms all over the world.

Genano air decontamination technology provides the highest levels of air decontamination performance available from a single process. The machines are generally deployed selectively and purposefully, they can be found serving in the most demanding applications including surgical, oncology, infectious disease control, and hematology environments in some of the world’s largest hospitals.

Even the rising star of Nordic advanced molecular diagnostics laboratories, working on next-generation human pathogens, chose Genano air decontamination exclusively to run its extensive complex of ISO 5 & 6 labs and remove all airborne DNA contamination. Depended upon for accurate results with lives literally in the balance, this laboratory complex was constructed in a conventional office building, with no other filtration or air sanitisation in use. Simply Genano machines connected to building HVAC in various configurations. Learn more here.

The first Genano machine to land on Australian soil was comprehensively tested and its performance validated by RMIT University’s Functional Materials and Microsystems facility with glowing results. The tests were supervised by one of Australia’s leading science and research leaders – Professor Sharath Sriram, responsible for creating and delivering breakthrough technologies in nanoelectronics, sensors, and medical technologies.

The point ? Deployed in the right way, we guarantee Genano air decontamination technology will enhance air hygiene in any customer environment.

Genano air decontamination machines deliver a comprehensive impact on air quality by increasing particulate filtration, destroying bioaerosols, and removing VOCs and other gaseous contaminants. Genano technology comes in a range of models to suit the varied needs of our customers, and is easy to install and maintain. The machines are robust and built to deliver many years of service.

The equipment can be deployed inside or outside the target environment as is necessary, and within minutes converted from standalone to ducted installation as needs demand.

Using Genano air decontamination technology we are able to configure very high utility, scalable, flexible and affordable solutions, that are always available, and always perform, when lives and business continuity depend on them.

Genano Air Decontamination technology provides ultra clean air for high-need environments, comprehensively removing nanoscale particulate contamination and airborne microbes.

Installation Configuration Options

  • Standalone – room application with long range cleaning or personal proximity use
  • Partial ducting – negative pressure room
  • Partial ducting – positive pressure room
  • Partial ducting – proximity based contaminated air evacuation and clean air circulation
  • Full ducting – inline connection positioned within or outside the target space
  • Ceiling, wall, and floor mounting options
  • Fully integrated portable negative pressure room kit


  • Cleanroom performance enhancement and maintenance
  • Infection control in acute care and aged care settings
  • Air quality remediation and infection control in commercial buildings
  • Infection control, sample protection, and cross-contamination mitigation in Laboratories

Tested in Australia and around the world

“the air quality obtained using the Genano 5250 is maintained with room traffic, with instantaneous recovery after activity in the spaces

RMIT University – Functional Materials and Microsystems Group Genano 5250 – Performance Characterisation Report, March 2019

“the Genano 5250 is an easy to install solution for instant enhancement of room air quality

Safe, versatile, easy to maintain

  • Fixed or freestanding installation, easy connection to ventilation systems inside or outside the service area. Highly manouverable and relocatable.
  • Ceiling-mounted and in-duct models available to support directional airflows and installation where room space is limited.
  • Fully serviceable, 15 year design life. Powder coated steel or aluminium construction, serviceable electronics and components, built to withstand the rigours of commercial use and regular disinfection, and to operate continuously at high performance with regular maintenance.
  • Major components including the collection chamber in all similar models are interchangeable, washable and reuseable over the service life of the machine.
  • Model range caters from small room to large exhibition halls and facility requirements, either inline or bypass.
  • Larger freestanding models are powerful enough to create negative and positive pressure differentials in normal hospital rooms and rapidly turn them into additional isolation capacity as demand dictates. Decontaminates supply or exhaust air as needed.
  • Suitable for deployment to remove contaminated air and replace with pure air around patients in sensitive settings such as dialysis units, or to evacuate and decontaminate air from potentially infectious patients when a pressurised room is not available.
  • Machines do not emit ions or ozone, or create hazardous any by-products.

Proven in long term use

“We are completely satisfied with the performance of the device. We regularly check the air quality. The results are good and stable, without any changes. The appliances are regularly serviced and still work well after almost 10 years of use”

Head of Department of Hematology – Major European Oncology and Trauma Hospital (11 machines)

“We appreciate the fact that all microbes are safely destroyed and that there are no breaks and dangers associated with filter replacement”

In recent years there has been a rapid proliferation of air purifier models and technology arrangements entering the space, many with only a short history or none at all in service for particular applications.

For many years, Genano machines have been used where lives are directly impacted by their performance – such as to control infectious disease outbreaks in hospitals including SARS/MERS/TB, or in acute care settings such as oncology, surgical, renal and emergency medicine settings where patients need to be isolated or protected.

Genano has also been used to build and improve the performance of laboratories and cleanrooms.

Evidence base

We invite you to examine Genano’s extensive library of lab and in-field test reports dating back to 2003, as well as long term customer references, attesting to the reliability and impact of these machines in hospitals, cleanrooms and laboratories.

We can also support your due diligence by arranging interviews with customers locally and abroad, including some of the largest and most prestigious hospitals in the world, so that you can obtain direct clinician and engineering sourced verification of the performance of Genano technology.

Finally, we’ll connect you to the Genano network of international distributors and HVAC/cleanroom specialists, so you can learn more about how their customers are using Genano technology. See here for example. For a more extensive list of international distributors and Genano offices, follow this link.


Genano technology is built to operate reliably over a long service life in harsh commercial conditions. All high performance machines require regular maintenance to keep them performing at their best and Genano technology is no different, as you would expect of any valuable asset.

Genano regular maintenance comprises cleaning of the major components and replacement of the activated carbon panel. The particle collector chamber is fully washable and reuseable over the life of the machine. This work can be carried out safely as all microbial content is destroyed in the decontamination process. Genano machines produce no hazardous by-products.

In controlled and critical environments we recommend a service interval of 6-9 months to keep machines running flawlessly and to allow monitoring of any developing issues. Regular servicing of machines, cross-matched to utilisation records, also helps with the identification of air quality issues in particular areas of a facility.

Larger facilities with greater technical resources are able to nominate suitably qualified personnel to be trained to Genano technical standards and attend to servicing the machines in house.

Alternatively, UltraPure Air provides machines on a fully maintained basis. We complete servicing through our network of authorised service representatives to an agreed interval and cost schedule.

Because major components are washable, reuseable and interchangeable, significant cost economies are able to be achieved. Contact us for further information in this regard.

Whichever service and maintenance model you choose, Genano air decontamination is a resilient and hard working asset that with proper maintenance will provide many years of service. This is fact and proven worldwide with thousands of machines having achieved 10 years service. The Genano maintenance program is straightforward and affordable, and an investment which will be rewarded in the performance and longevity. Parts and consumables are subject to guaranteed availability for the design life of your machines.

“these machines are obviously designed by people who need to service them”.

Head of Engineering and Maintenance, Australian hospital customer

High Performance

Particles 99.5% > 0.003Um

Microbes 99.999%

Constant CADR

Lower environmental impact

Genano technology is a patented electrical filtration technology and does not use physical membrane filters which need to be replaced and disposed of.

With the growing use of air purifiers comes the environmental burden associated with the disposal of components, particularly used filters.

Genano ‘filter-free’ technology means easy ownership, by completely removing the issues of:

  • microbial growth or retention on filters
  • filter leakage or breakthrough
  • monitoring and pressure drop due to filter saturation
  • safety risk in changing and disposal of contaminated filters
  • environmental impact of discarding used filters
  • waste management overhead of cleaning and changing filters

Multiple applications, naturally antimicrobial

Genano technology is suitable for a variety of applications in critical environments where raising air hygiene is required, or the most stringent level of air purity is needed.

In healthcare, the emphasis is on areas such as isolation wards, protective environment rooms, ICU, operating theatres, laboratories, and clinics. Generally, these environments will already have some significant level of mechanical filtration to the air supply.

Genano Air Decontamination Units are also a rapid and cost-effective way to set up a cleanroom in healthcare facilities. With the modular and mobile Genano solution, a cleanroom can be set up virtually where ever it is needed, because Genano is a cost-effective solution that can be designed to fit any room-specific needs for ACH, pressurization or other requirements.

Reducing infectious disease transmission

Genano machines not only capture viruses and bacteria like typical air filters, they also kill microbes, eliminating the risk of transmission from the device itself. Genano Air Decontamination machines equipped with a standard accessory negative pressure kit, are a very fast and cost-effective way to set up additional isolation rooms with flexibility according to need. This has been taken full advantage of by hospitals during infectious disease outbreaks such as MERS and COVID-19.

Chosen by hospitals and laboratories around the world for nearly twenty years, Genano technology is a proven and reliable technology.

With thousands of machines with more than a decade in 24/7 service, proven reliability, low running costs, and the ability to combine different models to maximise filtration efficacy and cater for almost any installation scenario, Genano air decontamination is a powerful weapon in the hands of Infection Control, Occupational Hygiene, and Facility Engineering professionals.

Sales and Service 1300 185 872

Buy, rent, blend

  • Purchase new Genano technology from the current model line up, or, rent from our up-to-the minute rental fleet of the most commonly used machines.
  • Your equipment is supplied ready to operate, you need simply to deploy.
  • Blending a fleet of owned and rented machines is a convenient and cost effective way to scale your air decontamination capability up and down as needs dictate.

Easy customer experience, peace of mind

  • Machines are covered by extensive warranty and come to you ready to operate and fully maintained.
  • Courtesy replacement machines are provided in the very rare event of downtime. There is nothing you need to do.
  • Normally machines are delivered quickly. In most cases that will be possible with our onshore inventory, backed by a global network of Genano distributors and regional product hubs. 
  • In the event of delay in delivery, where available, loan machines will be provided at no cost.

1300 185 872 | 1300 1UltraPure Air

Pure Air. Nothing Else.

Contact us now to discuss your pure air needs.

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