UltraPure Air is a Division and registered trading name of Clean Environment Management Solutions Pty Ltd (CEMS).  

CEMS was established with a mission to improve the health of people and in turn the health of businesses by providing solutions which reduce preventable illness arising from contamination in our built environment.  

Indoor air quality is a cornerstone determinant of health outcomes in indoor environments, and is recognised as a significant contributor to serious disease in numerous contexts, as well as a significant threat to business productivity and profitability.  

Recognising the uniqueness and strength of Genano’s patented technology, the clear efficacy superiority of Genano technology for indoor air decontamination applications, and the track record of many years of success and customer experience the Genano organisation already had on the global stage, including significant roles in containment of international disease outbreaks such as SARS and MERS, UltraPure Air was established to bring Genano air decontamination technology to Australia, New Zealand and the broader Pacific Region.  

CEMS, trading as UltraPure Air holds the exclusive Master Distributorship for Genano technology in the Pacific, working alongside a network of other distinguished international Distributors and Genano’s extensive network of international offices in continental Europe.  

The original founders of the business have extensive experience in healthcare, commercial cleanroom manufacture, and commercial HVAC, as well as the development of healthcare focussed businesses.  UltraPure Air has grown to depend on the expertise and support of a team of dedicated technicians, engineers and a network of accredited Agents, to service our growing customer base.