Intelligent Air Quality Solutions

For twenty years Genano air decontamination systems have been delivering air purity in the most demanding medical and laboratory settings around the world.  

In recent years the increasing recognition of the importance of improving indoor air quality where we live, learn and work, has led to the deployment of Genano technology in applications outside the acute care and laboratory contexts.

Air purity, it seems, is an emerging KPI of the future for many different businesses and property managers.

The good news is that if Genano technology can help protect our hospitals and cleanrooms, you can be confident it can protect your facility, staff and customers too.

We welcome the opportunity to support customers who have a commitment to seeing real world air decontamination results delivered in their indoor spaces, and who are prepared to invest in this using Genano’s high quality decontamination technology. Genano technology performs at a level that exceeds consumer grade air purifiers.

Genano air decontamination also uses the latest sensing and IoT platform technology to deliver intelligent air quality solutions for many commercial environments in a manner that is:


Supports other initiatives to improve ventilation and air quality.


Continuous monitoring of air quality and early reporting of problems.


Model range with different applications in mind means a perfect solution for any space.

Installing Genano air decontamination means you can have confidence you’ve dealt with harmful particles, bacteria, viruses, and gases in the air you’re breathing.

Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Venues
Education & Childcare
Primary Care Clinics
Hotels and Apartment Buildings
  • Reduce surface contamination from airborne particles and microbes

  • Reduce airborne disease transmission risk 

  • Remove odours, mould, mildew and volatile organic compounds from the air

  • Manage accumulation of airborne contamination from people and as CO2

  • Support the hygiene of other air conditioning devices in use 

  • Improve air quality (ACH) where ventilation is compromised

  • Gain air purity credentials for social feedback mediums and future ventilation certification

  • Improve air purity for general wellbeing and long-term health of occupants

  • Reduce agitation of respiratory issues associated with asthma and allergies